Theme Days and Photo Contest
Saturday, June 4th 
Dress Like a Pirate Day

Got some awesome garb gathering dust in your closet waiting for the perfect pirate outing?  An old costume you bought for that friends' party?  Maybe your kids were on a Neverland Pirates kick and forced you to dress like Captain Hook and Red Jessica.  Whatever the reason, don your best diggs and join us for Dress Like a Pirate Day!  Costume contests and prizes for Men, Women and a special contest for Kids!  Join us on the Main Stage at 2pm! 

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Sunday, June 5th
Ambassador's Day

Let's face it…ye can't swing a dead cat 'round these parts wi'out hitting some kinda festival.  Be it runnin' through the realms the King, thievin' in the woods from a prince, cleanin' your clocks in the Watch City, or dancin' with the fae in the forests and foothills.  We want to celebrate our kin from other realms!  Bring your ticket from any New York/New England themed festival and get half-price admission to the Pirate Fest!  Wear your best garb or kit and show your home faire pride! 

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Saturday, June 11th 
Talk Like a Pirate Day

You've practiced your perfect Jack Sparrow.  You watched Treasure Island a hundred times growing up.  You use Avast Antivirus because it makes you feel more piratey.  Now is your chance to test your skills Pirate Speak.  Practice your best Buccaneer Brogue for Talk Like a Pirate Day!  Grab a mic and show us what you've got on the main Stage at 2pm and win  prizes! 

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Sunday, June 12th
Four Corners in Four Days

Ye 'ave been to the festival now all four days!  That's an accomplishment worth recognizin'!  All 4-day pass holders get to join us as part of our pub sing and enjoy special recognition throughout the day!  Not enough for ye scalywags?  Join us for extra pirate hours! The festival opens a half hour early for all four corners pass holders, and stays open an extra hour for our season pass holders to join us at our closing party and announcement of next year's festival dates! 

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