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Answered by Buck Kinnear, our resident expert! 

  • What are my parking options?
    Ye may dock yer vehicle nearby. VIP parking available for $5.
  • Can I come in Costume?
    Definitely! I'd be insulted if'n ya didn.
  • What if my costume isn't historically accurate?
    We encourage everyone ta come and use their imagination! Be your costume meticulously crafted, hand-made by yer mum, or off the rack from last Halloween, all be fine by us (though we can't promise some of our village locals won't mock ye a little bit for yer polyester pirate paraphernalia).
  • Can I bring my sword?
    Aye, ye can. But remember that the village is under a flag of truce. All swords must be secured and sheathed and if'n ye draw ye'll be 'asked' ta leave.
  • What about my pistols?
    NO LIVE FIRE WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED. Get you bangs with the boys at our live fire demos. If those bangs aren't big enough for got a deeper problems ta consider mate. (costume/fake pistols are ok)
  • Can I bring food/water from the outside?
    As a general rule, no...but these be more like guidelines. I understands that some of ye may be havin' need of special foods for health reasons, but no coolers or canteens (i knows what yer actually smugglin' in in those 'water' flasks!) and we gots plenty of things to keep you going' so ya don't have to carry it around all day wit' ye.
  • Is my ticket transferrable?
    It is, but why would ye do that?
  • What's the refund policy?
    There be no refunds. We're pirates mate.
  • How do I get here?
    If you Google Joshua Sears Memorial Field or 28 Wood Road in South Yarmouth, MA 02664, you will see our correct location. Our location is the field across from the Yarmouth Town Hall. Parking is available in nearby lots, or onsite for $5
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