The Plankwalkers

Geoff Roman and Ernesto Villarreal return as the Plankwalkers, our officially unofficial House Band!  Nautical Tunes and Roaring Celtic Music that will rock your bones and shiver your timbers!

Ally Piper.jpg
Cu Dubh 

Cu Dubh is bringing his original dark heavy metal bagpipe and war drum compositions to the Cape Cod Pirate Festival! Fine listening fare for the Celtic / Viking warrior in all of us. Don’t miss this heart stomping, head-pounding musical explosion! Featuring TikTok sensation, Ally the Piper!

Crimson Pirates.jpg
The Crimson Pirates 
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The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told 
Whydah Washashores - Pirate Shanties 

On April 26th 1717 the Whydah Gally, Captained by the notorious pirate Black Sam Bellamy, went down off the coast of Eastham. 


102 Bodies washed ashore that night. Some of those sailors were never recovered. 


It said the songs of those lost long ago can still be heard on the ocean winds of Cape Cod. 


Sometimes, Dead Men DO Tell Tales… 

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FaireStories - Trunk Show 

You're the Star with Faire Stories!  


These interactive family musical shows feature timeless tales told in their own unique way. 


Through song and a little dance, the characters of Jack and the Beanstalk, Robin Hood and Treasure island come to life! 


And you might be called on to play any part!  Maybe even the beanstalk!