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2024 lINEUP 

The Plankwalkers

These two pirate musicians, Captain Ernesto and Capitan Jeef, have been entertaining festival crowds since 2001 with their unique style and mixture of Celtic and flamenco music. Come have a revel and a rollick with the Plankwalkers.

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Laloopna Hoops

Lee Nangeroni, also known by her bubbly alterego LaLoopna Hoops, is a hoop dancer, stilt walker and fire performer from Sunapee New Hampshire.

Warlock Family Wondershow

What exactly is The Warlock Family Wondershow? A stunt show full of laughs, excitement, and adrenaline. We are sure to dazzle you with death-defying acts, cutting edge nonsense, and even exotic dad jokes from the distant past! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll witness history in the making as we take you on a thrill ride that you'll never forget.

Misfits of Avalon Duo . - Brian Weiland.jpg
The Misfits of Avalon 

The Misfits of Avalon have been delighting lovers of Celtic music all over New England for more than a decade. The group features longtime friends Brian Weiland on the ethereally beautiful hammered dulcimer, Celtic mandolin, and anything else he can get his hands on, and Max Cohen, a virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist who also possesses a brilliantly emotive voice. The group has released four critically acclaimed CDs to date, whose sound has been described as delivering both delicately sublime beauty and energetically powerful drive- often within the same song!


The Harlot Queens will be pouring and performing throughout the day at Old Tom's Tavern. The Harlot Queens are a comedic band hailing from New England. These self-styled “Queens” may look innocent, but their songs are not! Join them as they sing about their failed attempts at love, seafaring, and various criminal enterprises. You’ll be in for a royal treat!

Danny Drake 

Danny Drake's love of circus set sail more than two decades past and has since then ranged from juggling, acro, and unicycling, to all things aerial. He's performed coast to coast solo, in troupes, and most recently under the tutelage of his fearless and ferocious captain Stuart! Stuart is not only his captain but also the most feared dragon across the 7 seas!

Saucy Sailor

Jeffrey Tanner, Captain of the Pyrate Sloop Century Hawk (she's not advanced enough to be A Millennium Falcon), performs a mix of music (mostly sea shanties, tavern tunes, and bawdy ballads) and interactive comedy in the streets of the festival, to benefit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Sobriety in Pyrates (aka Tanner's drinking fund)

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Michael OJ - Michael Oldziej.jpg
Michael OJ Magician (June 1-2)

Come friends and fans to a magic show unlike any other! Michael OJ has delighted audiences for over 10 years with his unique blend of magic and comedy. Come see cards, coins, bottles, and daring escapes!

Henry Morgan (June 1-2)

Let this charming, young rogue bring you back to a time when pirates sailed the seas with songs ranging from Celtic standards to modern folk.

Roving Corsairs (June 1-2)

The Roving Corsairs is not simply music, but an interactive experience weaving sea shanties and Celtic folk tunes throughout fantastical stories about pirates aboard an airship. With a slew of musical experience, the three members of the Roving Corsairs converged to reimagine pirate songs and write their own. The collective instrumentation of fiddle, guitar, double bass and percussion are a perfect blend to revitalize songs of old or give modern songs that rustic edge.

Off the Mark Sisters (June 1-2)

Off the Mark with the Marx Sisters: the greatest jousters never discovered! Just a couple of farm girls with great aspirations, upon their noble hobby steeds (Crumble, Fumble, and Farfignugan.) Laugh along as they engage audiences in safe versions of classic joust games as only Crashiopia and Collideope Marx can do. Sit in on a Joust Horses Union meeting. Cheer the sisters as they compete with real steel for sisterly supremacy, but who will land on top? Only time will tell!

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Pirates of Fortunes Folly 003 - Fortunes Follies.jpg
The Pirates of Fortune's Folly (June 1-2)

Pirates of Fortune's Folly have come ashore to steal your hearts! Their piratical antics have brought joy to children (and amusement to adults) up and down the Atlantic Coast. Don't miss their live-steel comedy fight shows that will entertain you and your family with plenty of Action and Laughs!

HVBRIS (June 8-9)

HVBRIS is a fun-loving and geeky band of fire freaks who seek to entertain and amuse with wickedly creative antics. They will be thrilled to introduce you to the wonder of the Fire Arts, just ask them! A mix of fire, vaudeville, burlesque, and sideshow; they burn bright as day with the fiery talent and blazing comedy that is the one and only HVBRIS. When it’s too hot to handle, they’re just getting started!


Come to the pirate circus where Baechtold and Abel find adventure and treasure while suspended high above your head. They perform solo and duo acts on hoop, aerial silks, and trapeze. With their unique choreography, passion, and attention to detail they will deliver a show you won't forget.

Rosalita's Puppets (June 8-9)

Rosalita’s Puppets is a touring puppet company and entertainment provider owned by actor/ puppeteer Charlotte Anne Dore. She creates all the shows and has been presenting all over New England for over 25 years. Based in Somerville MA she is often seen in the City of Boston at parks and festivals but she will travel far and wide to NH, CT, NY, ME, RI, VT and more. Rosalita's Puppets provides entertainment that delights the child in all of us! 


Merry Mischief (Merlyn Mischief & Mz. Mizzenmast) are two salty broads who will lead you in some fun, drinking, sailing, and drowning songs for all your Piratey singalong needs! Bonus: The bad jokes are free!

Wit and Steele (June 8-9)

Ready for a tale as old as time? That is exactly what you are in for, when you mix French ego and British vanity in a battle of the…well - pointy things! Wit and Steele is a comedy fight act, with just a shameless dash of additional slapstick! Come and check out Captain Napoleon Steele and Mr. Thomas Wit throughout the festival day!

Shank Painters promo - Shank Painters.jpg
Shank Painters (June 8-9)

Shank Painters are a sea-faring group of sea-shantying scalliwags from Portland, Maine. This pirate band of four consists of voices, accordion, fiddle, guitar, banjo, and percussion, and they have a repertoire of traditional and original sea shanties. They highly encourage audience members to experience the call and response aspects of sea shanties by emphasizing audience participation that'll get you ready to pillage and plunder as you please!

Rachel Rueckert (Scribe of Sea Rogues)

Meet Samuel Bellamy, Cape Cod's most famous pirate. Rachel Rueckert, author of If the Tide Turns, will share tales of the real "Black Sam Bellamy," whose crew called themselves “Robin Hoods of the Sea.” He fell hard for a Cape Codder named Maria, a brave woman who was ousted as a witch for loving him. Know yer Cape Cod history and discover more about Sam’s bold mission while also learning more about pirates, witches, and other less-known figures who lived here. Ye be warned: trivia will be rewarded with treasure.

Shank Painters (June 8-9)

Roust yer inner pirate in song with the Shank Painters! A pirate-themed sea shanty trio based out of Portland, Maine, Shank Painters have delighted audiences at various faires and festivals all over the Northeast. They encourage listeners to sing along and join in the fun with many of the call-and-response sea shanties and tavern songs.

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