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The Plankwalkers

Geoff Roman and Ernesto Villarreal return as the Plankwalkers, our officially unofficial House Band!  Nautical Tunes and Roaring Celtic Music that will rock your bones and shiver your timbers!



Ally Piper.jpg
Cu Dubh 

Cu Dubh is bringing his original dark heavy metal bagpipe and war drum compositions to the Cape Cod Pirate Festival! Fine listening fare for the Celtic / Viking warrior in all of us. Don’t miss this heart stomping, head-pounding musical explosion! Featuring TikTok sensation, Ally the Piper!

Crimson Pirates.jpg
The Crimson Pirates 

The Crimson Pirates have been performing traditional and non-traditional tunes together for over 25 years, amassing a repertoire of around 125 songs featuring everything from classic sea shanties and Celtic standards to modern folk and 'The Animaniacs'... Come join this musical crew for a half hour of musical merriment, and be sure to say "Ahoy!"

Crimson Pirates II.jpg
The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told 

The Cape Cod Pirate Festival is proud to announce The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told, Off Broadway’s interactive, improvised pirate musical. Imagine "Pirates of the Caribbean" meeting "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and you will have an idea of this uproariously funny show. The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told needs your help to create the most epic (and hilarious) pirate tale to ever be seen on stage! Follow the adventures of Captain __________ as he steals every ___________ from Dublin to Bombay... what else lies in store? Come join the crew and find out!


"More laughs than there are bones in Davey Jones' locker!"

- The New York Times

Whydah Washashores - Pirate Shanties 

On April 26th 1717 the Whydah Gally, Captained by the notorious pirate Black Sam Bellamy, went down off the coast of Eastham. 


102 Bodies washed ashore that night. Some of those sailors were never recovered. 


It said the songs of those lost long ago can still be heard on the ocean winds of Cape Cod. 


Sometimes, Dead Men DO Tell Tales… 


Molly Baechtold and Leah Abel are two talented circus performers who have joined forces to create dynamic duo acts up in the air on silks, lyra, trapeze and other innovative apparatus. Their feats of strength, balletic choreography, and death-defying acrobatics have taken them across the globe, the latest being Hawaii! They have performed above local crowds at the Museum of Fine Arts, Fenway Park, House of Blues, TD Garden, Mohegan Sun, and more. Baechtold and Abel recently finished a run of Pagliacci with the Boston Lyric Opera, receiving a mention in the Wall Street Journal. Other notable clients include the Boston Celtics, Red Bull, American Express, Red Sox, Dana Farber, and Boston Children's Hospital. Molly and Leah will be performing on Sundays during the festival.


The Harlot Queens will be pouring and performing throughout the day at Old Tom's Tavern. The Harlot Queens are a comedic band hailing from New England. These self-styled “Queens” may look innocent, but their songs are not! Join them as they sing about their failed attempts at love, seafaring, and various criminal enterprises. You’ll be in for a royal treat!


The Rogues’ Armada is New England’s largest fleet of professional Pirate Entertainers. Captain Jack and his Rogues are excited to return to the Cape Code Pirate Festival again this year! Stop by to say hello, train to be a pirate, play games, shop their pirate wares and maybe get locked up in their Tortuga Jail cell.


Jeramiah's Gunners (the Yarmouth Minutemen Militia) are a non-profit, historical reenactment group. Come see their historical encampment with their cannon, "Alice." Experience their live-fire demonstrations of the cannon, muskets, and pistols. Stop by and meet these all-around scallywags.


The Pirates of Merry Mischief will be onboard this year with Sailing, Wenching, Drinking and Drowning Songs fer your maritime pleasure! Merlyn Mischief, Ms.Mizzenmast and Fishbait Phil will be hoisting up songs and making merry! Aye! Ye just never know what will happen with this crew on board! Yar!

1000 islands pirate society

The 1000 Islands Pirate Society (TIPS-Y) is a thriving and growing pirate community. Based mainly out of Ontario, Quebec and upstate New York, this group of pirates is committed to growing the society into a force for good in their communities. They travel to and participate in festivals, hold pirate invasions in pubs and attend other events. Part of their purpose is to earn and raise money to support future piratical endeavors that benefit their members and the greater community.

1000 Islands Pirate Society.jpg
Roving Corsairs

The Roving Corsairs are not simply music, but an interactive experience weaving sea shanties and Celtic folk tunes throughout fantastical stories about pirates aboard an airship. With a slew of musical experience, the four members of the Roving Corsairs converged to reimagine pirate songs and write their own. The collective instrumentation of fiddle, accordion, guitar, double bass, and drums is a perfect blend to revitalize songs of old or give modern songs that rustic edge. The Roving Corsairs will be performing on Saturday, June 11th.

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